• Apartments In Huntsville, AL

    There are a plethora of apartments in the Huntsville area. It’s a great city to live in because there are always vacancies thanks to the environment. There are several colleges in Huntsville, and this is why there are so many apartments available.

    There are more than 47 but not quite 50 apartment complexes available in the Huntsville area. There is a wide spectrum to fit just about anyone that has to desire or need to move to Huntsville.

    One popular place is Springs at Huntsville. It has become a great place for individuals that like a gated community. This area also has a nice clubhouse and a 24 hour fitness center. There are a lot of flexible lease conditions and it is not far from the airport of downtown Huntsville.

    Another place that gets a lot of attention from the growing Huntsville crowd is Lily Flagg Station. This has become an apartment complex that gets lots of good reviews because there are so many amenities associated with this complex. This area welcomes pets even though there are some restrictions to this. Thecomplex has two swimming pool areas and a Wi-Fi lounge that has net books available for tenants. There are even some great things like the outdoor play center for kids and a car wash center. This keeps tenants from having to leave the apartment community so much.

    Candlewood Apartments are also very popular among those that make nashville apartments their home. People that have a feel for private balconies and furnished apartments may take interest in this location. People that like the convenience of 24 hour maintenance service will also flock to this location. The Candlewood apartment community has been promoted as a quiet neighborhood and this is what many adult tenants look for. This area is close to colleges like UAH and Oakwood. It is also mere minutes away from different shopping outlets.

    Tara Gardens is another nice spot for people that are moving to the Huntsville area. The complex is close to the Huntsville Airport, Madison Square Mall, the Space Center, and the army base. This complex has short term leases and low monthly rates. This is why it has become one of the most convenience places for college students. People that are uncertain about their stay will enjoy the short term lease. Tenants can discover whether they like this area before committing to a long term stay.

    Brittany Point apartments is also a nice place for people that are moving to the Huntsville area. A large number of people take interest in this area because of the resort style pool and the 24 hour fitness center. It’s one of the best communities in the Huntsville area. There is also a business center for professionals that need access to this. Athletes will also enjoy the lighted tennis courts. There are amenities available for business and leisure in this apartment community.

    The Meadows of Bailey Cove Apartments is yet another place that people can go to find apartments in Huntsville. This area has become a favorite right along with the Paddock at Providence, and the Governors House Apartments. Many of these places have become very important to new students and professionals that find jobs in the Huntsville area. Fortunately, there are many places to choose from.

    Many of these places have kitchen pantries, fitness centers, cable ready apartments, and tennis and basketball courts. Lots of people that are moving to Huntsville will use the apartment to test the waters. They may not be ready to buy a home in this area. The apartment may just be the perfect alternative.